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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Kids' Turn to Talk: Fourth Graders Tell About Their Favorite Books
Our Fourth Grade students have been thinking about their favorite books.  They were asked to write a few sentences using this format:  Reaction (how did the book make you feel?), Detail (tell one thing that happened in the book), and Recommendation (who else might enjoy this book?)  Here's a sampling of what the students had to say:

Holly: The book Princess Academy by Shannon Hale made me want to own it myself.  In the book, girls who know nothing about academics might be a future princess, but bandits come and only Miri can save them!  This is a book for someone who likes thrilling adventures and romance.

Geogia:  Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan impacted my life by making me realize how lucky I am.  Koly (main character), like many girls in India, will leave home forever when she gets married.  I recommend this book to girls who like a touching story.

Sebastian:  The book Chomp by Carl Hiaasen made me unable to put it down.  It's about a boy named Wahoo, his father named Mickey, and others who get offered a job from a celebrity.  I'd recommend this book to adventure lovers. (Note:  Chomp is on 2013-2014 DCF Reading List).

Megan:   The book Bluestar's Prophecy by Erin Hunter will wow you.  It's about a cat that is blessed with a prophecy about fire that can only be destroyed by water.  I recommend this book to someone who likes cats and a little bit of mystery.

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